Tara Gonzalez

Artist Statement

I make art because I want to share the things in life that make me feel good. I find inspiration daily wether it be from the colorful surroundings of California, music, animals, children, or other art forms. In pursuing a positive state of mind, I approach life with a child-like wonder that my artwork reflects. My art is like a blissful state that is obtained in a memory, a dream, or an enchanting connection. “Good vibes”is what I try to capture and amplify in my work.

My appreciation for nature and animals are re-accruing themes in my art. I strive to capture the idea of worshiping nature and evolution by painting animals with saint like qualities by giving them items of adornment. The animals are symbols of spirituality and a higher power. More recently I have been exploring the influences of pop culture, music, and childhood nostalgia. Examining how these impact one’s personal evolution and build a unique perspective.

My pieces are linked cohesively with recurring organic shape and saturated colors that draw the viewer into an evolving environment. My work demonstrates an illustrative style with surreal undertones that are meant to engage viewers in a sense of serenity. My intention is to create a meaningful experience that make others feel good. I feel most successful when I catch a smile from an observer


Tara was born and raised in Colorado and currently resides in San Francisco. Tara recieved her BA in Art Education in 2011 and taught Art K-8 for Denver Public Schools.   When she moved to California she became inspired to pursue her own artwork. This motivation for career change and confidence in her work also comes from an autoimmune disease diagnosis.  In pursuing good health Tara has been honoring all that truly inspires her, which is the subject matter of her art.  She began participating in group shows and taking commissions in 2015 and created a mural with her sister in 2016. Tara aspires to strengthen her skills in various mediums and to share her passion for empowering others creativity


2011  Colorado State University- BA in Art Education 

Group Exhibitions

2019, May              “Pin-Up Show” La Bodega Gallery, San Diego CA

2019, March         “Pancakes and Booze” Mezzanine San Francisco,CA

2018, August        “Faded Memories” San Francisco, CA

2018, June           “Everything Colorful” Oakland, CA

2018, March.        “Pancakes and Booze” Opera House Oakland, CA

2018, February.    “Pop Up on Market” San Francisco, CA

2018, January      “Pancakes and Booze” Mezzanine San Francisco, CA

2017, December   “Chocolate and Art” SOMA Arts San Francisco, CA

2017, September   The Shop@Flywheel Press San Mateo, CA

2017, July              “Fame” The School of Art and Culture San Jose, CA

2017, May             “Pancakes and Booze” San Jose, CA

2017, January       “Flora and Fauna” Sanchez Gallery Oakland, CA

2016, December   “Chocolate and Art” SOMA Arts San Francisco, CA

2016, October       “Trap Art” 111 Minna San Francisco, CA

2016, August         “Raw” 1015 Folsom San Francisco, CA

2016, May             “Conception” Laughing Monk San Francisco,CA

2016,May              “Arts Alive Ingleside” SOMA Arts San Francisco, CA

2016, April            “Chocolate and Art” SOMA Arts San Francisco, CA

2015, August        “Pancakes and Booze” 111 Minna San Francisco,CA

Related Experience 

ArtSpan Member since 2017

current-2016   Private Commissions

2016            Muralist San Francisco,CA

2011-2012   Art Teacher Trevista Denver,CO